Dotted and Bowed

Ok so who else likes to design using unconventional fabrics? *come on, don’t be shy, raise your hand…

Well listen, if you’re anything like me you like to think outside the box and often times choose fabrics and notions according to how you feel and not what’s recommended on the back of a pattern package. There are a ton of choices out there and I personally don’t like to limit myself to individual standards. I do pay attention to stretch recommendations, thickness, and textures though-which are pretty important.

For this design I used this rust colored fabric and this one with polka dots. These are both home decor options I found at Hobby Lobby. People typically would use these to make drapes, throw pillows, or to upholster furniture. I like them because they are fairly thick, but not so thick that they’re stiff. This dress is perfect for the season change and I’m looking forward to it keeping me warm in the coming months.

I used Simplicity Pattern #8690 by Mimi G. I made view A. The dress was pretty easy to make until I got to the sleeves. If you’re a beginner, not really fond of buttons, or you don’t have much patience, I would go for the easy flounce sleeve on view B. Mimi G’s online tutorial even shows how to make view B’s sleeves, and not those on view A. Personally I wanted to quit several times but I’m so glad I didn’t. I like the flounce sleeves but I loooove the way mine turned out with the buttons. I think it looks very sophisticated. I even got myself a repost on Simplicity’s Instagram, and a Follow from the one and only Mimi G.…Winnnninnnggg!!! :-)