Green With Envy

Ok sooo…I have a confession…Often times I go against the grain when choosing fabrics for my designs. It’s rare that I opt for a suggested type listed on the back of the pattern package. I’m willing to work with just about any fabric as long as the thickness, stretch, and texture is right for the design.

For this set I went with a wool fabric type, and used a black jersey knit for the shirt contrast. You can find a similar green wool here, and a black jersey knit here. I used Mimi G’s Simplicity Pattern 1283 for the design. It’s no longer available at but you can find it here on Etsy. The pants are view C, the top is View A..clearly I made mine without the sleeves.

Can I just say it’s ridiculous (in a good way) how much I love this pants pattern. I always say I feel like I was born in the wrong decade…I absolutely loooove 70’s era fashion. They were so full of creativity and expression back then. People often ask me where my inspiration comes from and well, there you have it! Ok so back to the pants…I have never made a pair of pants from a pattern that fit me more perfectly. These are actually my 3rd pair and I definitely see myself making many more.

Overall, I’m very happy with the way this design turned out. I’m so proud to have it as a part of my wardrobe! :-)