We’ve all been there at one point or another… Everyone has made or done something that they were not completely happy with in the end. That was my story for McCall’s pattern M6700. It’s been a year or so but at the time I had already made this same dress several times for various clients. Everyone loved it and I loved it too, so much that I decided to make one for myself. I purchased a beautiful solid blue fabric from my favorite spot, Fine Fabrics and I went to work. Hours later when the dress was completed I immediately realized something was completely off. I tell you I don’t know whose measurements I used but they clearly were not mine lol. My dress was huge and not at all what I expected. I literally wanted no parts of that thing so I did what any busy perfectionist would do in that moment… I threw it to the side and moved on to my next project.

Fast forward a year or so later and I come across… You guessed it. The ugly dress. My first thought was “hmmm…that’s a really pretty color. It’d be nice to add some blue to my wardrobe.” And then I thought “wait a minute, that’s the ugly dress I made. I wonder if it’s still ugly…lol.” And then I proceeded to try it on. Here’s a pic:

Ok so clearly I’m not exaggerating. As you can see this thing was a maxi mess! However the more I looked at it I started to visualize a totally different dress. I thought “maybe it’ll look better if it were short anyway.” And with that thought, even though I hated the dress, I decided to make some alterations. I took the entire bodice in so it’d fit me and not someone who was 3 times larger (what was I thinking?) I also shortened the length to make it a little more flirty. In the end, the dress that almost never was turned out to be a beautiful and welcome addition to my wardrobe. 😊

Thanks for reading!