Hey, hey friends! It’s been a while…

I can’t begin to tell you how unbelievablly crazy life has been the past few months. A lot of life changing/eye opening experiences have taken place…mostly positive so no complaints. The bulk of my time has been spent working with my hubby in his company Southern Portrait & Video. I also spend a ton of time serving at my awesome church Linked UP. Then of course there’s being a wife and taking care of my lil bro Noah. I swear I don’t know how people with careers and multiple children balance it all!

One thing I did miss during my hiatus was CREATING. It sucks being so busy that you couldn’t squeeze in time to create if you tried. Well recently I decided to take my life back. Not because I don’t enjoy those other things, but because I literally felt like I was moving further and further away from myself. As much as I enjoy helping others succeed I also need to make sure I’m doing things that bring me joy. I’m at peace when I’m creating. It’s crazy but it’s almost therapeutic. I was speaking with someone recently and I explained that I feel like I’m closest to God when I’m sewing or making things, that’s how I know it’s a God-given gift. I know that sounds weird but it’s the best way I can explain it. I definitely have a lot of other talents but I literally feel like I was born to create things.

Needless to say I dusted off the ol’ sewing machines and got busy with an easy creation that didn’t require too much thought. Believe it or not I struggled to get the inspiration to make anything. I felt like I lost it. But then after spending some time in my workspace and lots of encouragement from my amazing husband

I decided to shout out Jesus with a custom graphic tee I made using my Cricut. Oh my God you guys I’m SO in love with this thing. I haven’t had the opportunity to break it in yet but now that I’ve reclaimed my time I look forward to creating so many wonderful things. The T-shirt and the Black & Neon Vinyl were each purchased from Hobby Lobby. The fabrics (there’s two ‘cause it’s reversible 😉) for the pencil skirt I purchased at Fine Fabrics, a local warehouse in my area. They’re both jersey knit.

Of course this was a quick and easy outfit to make because no patterns were involved. I think it took about 1.5 hrs tops. Most of that time was spent looking for a font for the T-shirt design. I’m definitely happy with how cute and casual it turned out to be. The bright neon color brings a fun vibe which is definitely the look I was going for to match with my adorable “XXPEN$IVE” shoes. Find them here at Shoedazzle!

‘Til next time you guys!